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Our time together is an opportunity to learn a fresh perspective which can shift your thought patterns & connect you to who you truly are to take empowered strides towards your goals with clarity and ease.

Reconnect with your confidence & find your peace
Hi! My name is Sarah & I’d like to welcome you to my website and passion. I have a simple goal and that is to help those who I cross paths with transmute their pain into their strengths so they can set their mind free from mental chains. In a world surrounded by calculated ambitions, false information, & overwhelming external stressors, I see a lot of people around me who are out of touch with the core of who they are. No matter what has happened to you in your life there is a reason you’re on this earth. Mother nature makes no mistakes.

If you’re ready to turn the reasons why you can’t into the reasons why you must, I can guide you on your journey to take back your inner power. Embrace your journey, transmute your pain, and become liberated from the limitations of the mind.

Turn the reasons why you ‘think’ you can’t into the reasons why you MUST.

On-going support from a place of no judgement

It’s never too late to take your life to the next level. Our work together goes deep, can create permanent shifts, and supports positive transformations. You’ll do the work – yet to be successful, everyone needs a support system and guidance from someone who’s on the journey with you.

Spiritual Teachings & Breath Work

During our sessions, I am able to incorporate a variety of lessons inspired from ancient wisdom paired with real life experience. A spiritual perspective provides gentle guidance to deal with life issues in a positive and constructive way.

Wellness advice, shaped around who you are

Each of us has a story unique to the personal journey we’re on. To make changes in our lives, they must be meaningful to US. I will teach you to value your wellness in ways that are unique to you.

You Are Not Alone

At times in life it can seem hard to talk to the ones around us, even those who love us the most for fear of judgment. When living with the heavy burden of pain or trauma, the inner turmoil that arises within us can be overwhelming and make us feel extremely vulnerable. This can cause us to disconnect and shut down our truest feelings that connect us to the core of who we are. The reality of living this way is one day we will wake up, look in the mirror and not recognize ourselves. I’ve been there. Sitting down and trying to explain this to someone you are not sure will even ‘get’ you let alone help you, can seem daunting and pointless. I’ve been there too.

What If I told you that together we could transmute your pain into your greatest strength? Or that your inner most vulnerable feelings were the core of your being that make you one of a kind? Our inner power comes not from avoiding adversity but overcoming it. To hold back our potential by remaining stuck in conditioned thought patterns that cause us to feel shitty about ourselves is the BIGGEST disservice we can do for our lives.

Our future destination is not about where we’ve been but where we feel we deserve to go and our ability to take empowered action towards getting there. If you’re ready to transform into the confident, vibrant, peaceful being you knew you were always destined to be book an intuitive soul guidance session!

Beneath every behaviour is a feeling. Beneath every feeling is a need. When we meet that need rather then focus on the behaviour, we can begin to heal from the cause, not the symptom.


Coaching Testimonials

Sarah is a fantastic life coach, she is compassionate, caring and very good listener. I attended one of her programs with other ladies she knows how to put together a safe space and makes you feel like it’s only you and her in the room. Sarah is good at giving you workable and achievable goals for example I was going through some love issues and she said to look in the mirror and say to you are beautiful you are worthy of love. Sarah has truly helped me just throughout our conversations. I would highly recommend her to be your life coach! 😁

Tarah Z

One of the biggest breakthroughs Sarah has helped me make was to be more confident. She helped me realize every individual has their own ways of dealing with life and some achieve a lot earlier in life and some have to take time and be patient. I was left feeling inspired by her words of encouragement. Sarah helped me to realize to be patient and keep focus on what I want for my future while living happily in my present time. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work with her!

Kandis T

I’m happy I got to work with Sarah. She’s given me the confidence needed to push through my own fears and doubts in regards to trusting myself and my inner wisdom. Her course opened my eyes to the great possibilities that are yet to come!

Monica H

Sarah is really passionate in helping people facilitate where they want to be in life and what they need to overcome as she has herself. She is inspiring and serves as a niche for people who are reinventing themselves and can direct you on a path in developing a plan on who you want to be and goals you wish to attain.

Mallie C

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