Our time together is an opportunity to learn a fresh perspective which can change your thinking and connect you with who you truly are to take empowered strides towards your personal life goals with clarity and ease.

Reconnect with your confidence & find your harmony
Hi! My name is Sarah and I’d like to welcome you to my website and passion. I have a simple goal and that is to help those who I cross paths with transmute their pain into their strengths. In a world surrounded by calculated ambitions, false information, and overwhelming external stressors, I see a lot of people around me who seem to be out of touch with the core of who they are. No matter what has happened to you in your life there is a reason you’re on this earth. Mother nature makes no mistakes.

If you’re ready to turn the reasons why you can’t into the reasons why you must, I can guide you on your journey to take back your inner power. Embrace your journey, transmute your pain, and become liberated from the limitations of the mind.

Turn the reasons why you ‘think’ you can’t into the reasons why you MUST.

On-going support from a place of no judgement

It’s never too late to take your life to the next level. Our work together goes deep, can create permanent shifts, and supports positive transformations. You’ll do the work – yet to be successful, everyone needs a support system and guidance from someone who’s on the journey with you.

Spiritual Teachings & Breath Work

During our sessions, I incorporate a variety of spiritual yogic teachings and breathing exercises. A spiritual perspective provides gentle guidance to deal with life issues in a positive and constructive way.

Wellness advice, shaped around who you are

Each of us has a story unique to the personal journey we’re on. To make changes and allow new teachings to work for us, they must be meaningful to US. I will teach you to value your wellness in ways that are unique to you.

You Are Not Alone

At times in life it can seem hard to talk to the ones around us, even those who love us the most for fear of judgment. When living with the heavy burden of pain or trauma, the inner turmoil that arises within us can be overwhelming and make us feel extremely vulnerable. This can cause us to disconnect and shut down our truest feelings inside that connects us to the core of who we are. The reality of living this way is one day we will wake up, look in the mirror and not recognize ourselves. I’ve been there. Sitting down and trying to explain this to someone you are not sure will even ‘get’ you let alone help you, can seem daunting and pointless. I’ve been there too.

What If I told you that you could transmute your pain into your greatest strength? Or that your inner most vulnerable feelings were the core of your being that make you one of a kind? Our inner power comes not from avoiding adversity but overcoming it. To hold back our potential by remaining stuck in conditioned thought patterns that cause us to feel shitty about ourselves is the biggest disservice we can do for our lives.

Our future destination is not about where we’ve been but where we feel we deserve to go and our ability to take empowered action towards getting there. If you’re ready to transform into the confident, vibrant, peaceful being you knew you were always destined to be send me a message!

Beneath every behaviour is a feeling. Beneath every feeling is a need. When we meet that need rather then focus on the behaviour, we can begin to heal from the cause, not the symptom.


Often in life we grow up in a world full of expectations but are these ‘expectations’ really what we want to govern our lives by? I myself was guilty of unconsciously making decisions based around what I thought I was ‘suppose’ to do or how I was ‘suppose’ to behave, never asking myself what I truly wanted out of life.

Until one day I realized.. expectations are just a concept in my mind that I thought I had to follow to be accepted by others. Nobody really told me I had to live my life this way, it was just a pattern of behaviour I picked up as a child, always wanting to do what was asked of me to the best of my ability to avoid being ‘bad’ ‘wrong’ or ‘stepping out of line’. I was never happy no matter how much I stacked on my schedule, what adversities I overcame or what choices I made to ‘fit in’ with other peoples expectations of me. It got to the point I started assuming other people’s expectations and so my behaviour followed accordingly.

I wasn’t living life for myself. What scared the sh!t out of me was upon making this realization I had absolutely no clue what it was that I even wanted for my life aside from a loving husband and kids at some point. I had just accidentally stumbled across an existential crisis! This feeling was overwhelming and anxiety inducing, increasing my want to ignore these feelings and stay in the comfortable mold I was used to. I felt crazy. What’s worse I also felt isolated and lonely in my experience, and felt as if I lacked control over ever being truly fulfilled in my life. Talk about terrifying! The friends I tried to open up to just didn’t get it, they said everyone feels that way. This lead to more questions than answers. If everyone feels this way why the heck doesn’t everyone DO something about it?!?!?

I was left feeling judged then that feeling turned into silence. So what did I do with this realization I made? I ignored it since I didn’t know what to do with it. I tried to stuff it down just carrying on with life as normal until I had a complete breakdown and decided enough was enough. The beauty in this was I answered my own question. People aren’t doing anything about it because they don’t know what to do to, they don’t think it’s attainable or they lack guidance.

After my breakdown, I hired a coach and it was the most empowering decision I had ever made for myself because that decision was authentic and raw. It came from a vulnerable place and that is where our inner power is held. I admitted to myself I had problems (like everyone in life) but I lacked the mindset and tools to solve them. I usually focused on the symptoms rather than the root cause. I finally let go of the need to appear as if I’ve got everything together when it was the exact opposite of how I was truly feeling internally. Guess what? I learned SO much!

Working with someone further along in the journey and receiving support from someone who understands and holds space without judgment for the vulnerable sides of your transformation is a powerful, life changing experience that will forever stick with you. When you invest anything into yourself you get it back tenfold.

Our journeys through life are all different and unique. It only hurts us in the long run to ignore our wounds of the past, to live our lives for others and to take other peoples ego’s personally. When you’re able to see that most peoples thoughts are just a collection of experiences that lead them to form their perspective and you’re just a neutral prop in their reality, a certain level of freedom is introduced to us. As we make more decisions from our inner state of harmony we’re able to create a life for ourselves that aligns us with dreams we never dared even dreaming.

Separating to create space from the monkey mind isn’t easy but is worth every ounce of your effort. The mind is closely linked to our ego which is our identity. Often these identities are stories we’ve created and tell ourselves as a way to find meaning or a place in this world. We can keep the root of who we are without being attached to an identity. Everything is temporary including who we believe ourselves to be. When we can let go and embrace the natural change rather than hold on and fight against it, life is all of a sudden simpler and more fulfilling. I wish to assist all who I cross paths with embrace their journey, transmute their pain, and become liberated from the limitations of the mind.